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Lawyers in few minutes

Talk to a lawyer in real time, in minutes and at the most convenient time.

Comfort first

Say goodbye to the hassles it takes to visit a lawyer and receive legal services without leaving home.


With your lawyer on a call, you keep social distance, so you protect yourself and your family.

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1. Enter your query

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3. Get your query's answer

We send you a link so that you can access a videoconference with a specialist lawyer

1. Enter your contact information

Name, email and cell number. Also, select the area in which you require advice

2. Select your payment method

We accept all credit cards

3. Receive the advice

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A new concept

  • Simple

    No paperwork or any other hassles. The entire process is digital and completely easy to follow.

  • Transparent

    There are no hidden charges or surprises. All our operation and communication is clear and open.

  • Private and secure

    Completely confidential legal inquiries, encrypted information and 100% protected.



Divorces, maintenance, custody, visitation, support and protection, guardianship of minors


Unjustified dismissals, payment of assets, payment of labor benefits, workplace harassment, others


Inheritances, real property rights, possession, purchase prescription, pledges, mortgages, contracts

Administrative law

Trademark registration at INDECOPI, contracts with the state, administrative sanctioning procedure

Our staff

  • Carla Yshiki

    CAL 37400. Lawyer by PUCP. 12 years of experience

  • Jackeline Thorne

    CAL 59579. Magíster por la PUCP. Master en España. 8 años de experiencia.

  • Rocío Molina

    CAL 70948. Estudios de Maestría en UNMSM. 10 años de experiencia.

  • Mariella Figueroa

    ICAL 5239. Estudios de Maestría en la Universidad del Pacífico. 8 años de experiencia.

  • Franco Hernandez

    CAL 72593. Estudios de Maestría en Universidad del Pacífico. 12 años de experiencia.

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